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Awesome Annuals

Annuals are the plant world's equivalent of a summer romance. A bright bed of annuals or a well-designed container of annuals is one of the best ways to fall in love with your outdoor space during the summer months. There are lots of good reasons for using annuals. For starters, they are the answer for continual, beautiful blooms in a dazzling array of colors. They are easy to plant and maintain, especially if you're a beginner gardener. They are versatile. They can be used as the focus of a garden or container or used as filler in a perennial bed when the perennials are without flowers. Let's face it, we all like something new. Annuals fill that desire. Every year we can change the garden or planter design, try new introductions, or play with different color combinations. It's fun!

GAURA ‘BELLEZA DARK PINK’ - Butterflies will flock to your garden when you include gaura in your flower borders or containers. ‘Belleza Dark Pink’ has an upright, compact habit with loads of dark pink flowers on sturdy stems. This sun-loving North American native plant is heat and drought tolerant and although it is a perennial, Gaura blooms all summer, just like annuals do. Spectacular in containers or borders, the deer-resistant plants grow 2 to 3 feet tall and are hardy from zones 5-9.
PETUNIA ‘NIGHT SKY’ – Petunia 'Night Sky' has already been awarded a prestigious Fleurostar award and rightly so. No other Petunia plant can boast the starry speckled pattern of this unique bloom. White speckles against a deep purple-blue backing re-create a clear night sky with each flower being totally unique. Let this petunia spill from hanging baskets or patio containers for a particularly eye catching display this summer.
GERANIUM, MRS. POLLACK - Mrs Pollock is one of the best tri-colors there is - leaves of red, green and yellow. It was introduced in 1858 and has more than stood the test of time - hard to beat as a display plant. Fancy Leaf Geraniums have a wide range of variation in their foliage and flower colors. They make a fabulous addition to a mixed container display and are so eye catching. As easy to grow as all your geraniums - we always seem to think that something that looks different must be more difficult - but not so!
BEGONIA, BOSSA NOVA - Full of flower and available in a range of bright colors, Bossa Nova’s brilliant blooms cover the plant from late Spring until frost. The well branched plants look stunning in a large container or hanging basket, either singly or as part of a combo. The unique blooms are mingled in with the dark green wing-shaped leaves and will spill over the sides of containers or form nice mounds on the ground. There is no pruning or cleaning necessary because the old blooms fall off as new ones come on.
PETUNIA, SOPHISTICA LIME BICOLOR – Back by popular demand! I grew this petunia a few years back and everyone wanted it again. This beautiful designer petunia combines large blooms painted in special one-of-a kind colors. Suitable for pots, combo planters and baskets, these premium petunias have wavy edged star shaped blooms a unique combination of rose and lime. The color changes based upon light, heat and age of flowers.
DRAGONWING BEGONIA’S -Dragon Wing plants fill in fast to form lush garden beds that last up to the first frost. Use Dragon Wing Begonias as the focus of stunning mixed or solo containers and hanging baskets. This is a great plant that is disease resistant and so easy to grow. It is also a versatile plant that can be grown in full sun or full shade! If you need a DURABLE plant, this is the one for you. Comes in red or pink.