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Notable Edibles

HEIRLOOM TOMATOES - Heirlooms are plants that have been around for generations, handed down from gardener to gardener. Heirloom tomatoes are easy to grow, and as hearty and disease resistant as commercial hybrids. But there is simply no comparison to the flavorless hybrid tomatoes you find at the supermarket. Although a few hybrid varieties have been developed for great flavor, in general, commercial tomato breeders have focused on hybridizing tomatoes to make them perfectly symmetrical and red, durable enough to survive automated harvesting and long-distance shipping, and picked green with no chance to ripen on the vine. Something had to go in the hybridization process. Sadly, for tomato lovers, it was flavor.

Oxheart Red

Sun Gold Cherry

Paul Robeson

Green Zebra


Black Cherry


Paul Robeson - A gorgeous, dark and dusky-hued fruit with an intensely sweet earthy taste. This tomato is luscious, velvety smooth in texture with a hint of tanginess and rich with juice. This luxurious tomato is named for Paul Robeson (1898-1976), the renowned operatic singer, law school graduate, champion athlete, film star, stage actor, and champion of civil throughout the world. This amazing plant will give you perfect 3"- 4" fruit in only 65 days from planting. Considered one of the finest tomatoes in existence.

Green Zebra - One of my new favorite tomatoes that a friend introduced me to last year. Beautiful chartreuse with deep lime-green stripes, very attractive. Flesh is bright green and very rich tasting, sweet with a sharp bite to it (just too good to describe!). A favorite tomato of many high class chefs, specialty markets, and home gardeners. Yield is excellent. Around 3 ounces.

Black Cherry - Beautiful black cherries look like large, dusky purple-brown grapes; they have that rich flavor that makes black tomatoes famous. Large vines yield plentiful clusters of perfectly round 1" true cherry tomatoes that are very unique and delicious. The flavor is complex, rich, juicy and sweet.

Brandywine - An Amish heirloom that dates back to 1885 and is generally considered to be the world's best-flavored tomato. Plants look like potato vines with good yields of extra-large (weighing up to 1-1/2 lbs.), firm tomatoes. We have Brandywine Red and Brandywine Pink.

Oxheart Red – An old-fashioned favorite with heart-shaped fruit that weigh up to one pound. Very meaty flesh that contains few seeds making this great for slicing and sandwiches. Good flavor and good productivity.

Sun Gold Cherry - A beautiful cherry tomato that ripens to a golden orange. I tasted this cherry while traveling out of state a few years ago. It was by far the sweetest tomato I have ever tasted! I just knew I had to grow it so you could taste it too. Plants bear lots of fruit, and ripen early, continuing to produce throughout the season. Candy on the vine!

Stupice - This Czechoslovakian heirloom is an extra-early, cold-tolerant tomato. The very flavorful 3 to 4 ounce fruit are borne in clusters of 5 or more. This one has become one of my favorites because of its high yields and non-cracking, nearly perfect fruit. Even though it is extra-early, it continues to produce well into the fall.


KALE ‘VATES’ - Kale is one of the healthiest vegetables in the world. Kale’s health benefits are primarily linked to the high concentration and excellent source of antioxidant vitamins A, C, and K. It can also help lower blood cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. ‘Vates’ is considered the most flavorful variety of kale. It is a low, compact plant with finely curled, bluish-green leaves. Planted in the spring it is heat-resistant and slow bolting too. Kale keeps in the refrigerator for a very long time. Even “dressed” kale salads keep for several days, refrigerated. Below is my favorite KALE RECIPE given to me by my sister-in-law, Nancy. I could eat this several times a week!

4-6 cups kale
Juice of 1 lemon
3-4 T. olive oil
2 cloves garlic, chopped fine or mashed
Salt and pepper to taste
Hot red pepper flakes to taste
2/3 c. grated Parmesan cheese
½ c. bread crumbs
Whisk together lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper and generous pinch of pepper flakes. Pour over kale and toss well. (I actually massage it in). Add cheese and toss again. Let it sit 5 min. Add bread crumbs and toss again.
POBLANO PEPPER - This heart shaped, mildly hot pepper is called Poblano when used fresh. As a dried pepper it is referred to as Ancho, often used in chili powder. The Poblano is a pepper of many uses including salsa, grilling, stir fried or stuffed for chile rellenos and substituted in any dish for bell pepper.
‘CANDY’ SWEET ONION - I planted this in our garden the last two years and harvested the most delicious, huge sweet onions I’ve ever grown. On top of, that they kept for months in our garage until we ran out of them! I recommend this onion for anyone who has difficulty growing onions. They are so easy to grow due to their strong root system and disease resistance. ‘Candy’ is a revolutionary new type of onion. Neither a long-day (Northern) nor short-day (Southern) variety, Candy is a "mid-day" or day-neutral variety. This means that it can be grown just about anywhere from the far north to the deep south. And it's earlier, larger, and more flavorful than its long- and short-day varieties. By combining the best of both in terms of flavor, holding ability, and earliness, ‘Candy’ is unsurpassed for performance and taste!


Tuscan Blue Rosemary - This is hands down the best tasting variety of rosemary and is used by many top chefs. Tuscan Blue rosemary has a lemony note to go along with the pine flavor and scent. It is not as harsh a taste as most other varieties and partners well with chicken, lamb, and fish.

Arp Rosemary - The cold hardiest of all rosemary’s, it is also one of the most delicious in the kitchen. Arp lends itself well with potatoes, beef, lamb and pork, providing a burst of flavor.

Barbeque Rosemary - This rosemary produces nice long, straight branches that can be cut to skewer lengths to grill meats, veggies, and even fruits such as strawberries or pineapple. The savory essence of rosemary comes through beautifully without overpowering the food. A delicious rosemary.
TARRAGON, FRENCH - French tarragon creates a shrubby presence in the garden border, combining fine texture with wonderful green-to-gray foliage. The sweet, anise-flavored leaf of French tarragon is a key ingredient in béarnaise sauce and fines herbs. It also makes a delicious addition to egg dishes, seafood, salad dressing, vegetables, and poultry. This classic herb provides delicate flavor with minimal effort. Well-behaved in the garden, French tarragon does not spread underground like other herbs, nor will it reseed because the seeds are sterile. BEWARE OF THE RUSSIAN IMPOSTER! Russian tarragon is very closely related to French tarragon but has no flavor and no culinary merit. If you are looking for tarragon and meet one at another greenhouse or big box store, beware! Russian tarragon is sometimes identified or mislabeled as French, so it’s a good idea to beg a leaf for tasting. The tingle on the tongue and the anise flavor identify the true culinary tarragon. Mill Hollow Nursery always sells the real thing!
FERNLEAF DILL - Fernleaf is a selection of dill that has more abundant foliage. While typical dill grows to a height of 2 to 4 feet, Fernleaf dill is more compact, growing only 18 to 24 inches tall. If you are growing dill for its flavorful foliage, this is the one you want because it is so slow to bolt. Like the dill you have grown before, Fernleaf will give you flowers and eventually seeds. An All-America Selections Winner!
CORIANDER ‘CALYPSO’ - If you have trouble growing cilantro, this variety is the one for you! 'Calypso' is a 'cut and come again' leaf. The plant can be cut back and allowed to regrow at least 3 times or more through the summer. Grown only for leaf, not seed. Slowest to bolt of any cilantro on the market. I love, love, love this cilantro!