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Perennial Picks

Everyone has a pet perennial they feel is essential to gardening success. All of "Jody's Perennial Picks" are chosen because they have outstanding characteristics or unique traits that qualify them to be carefully selected, grown by me, and then offered to you. Like most pet perennials they have to be attractive, carefree, and adaptable. I hope you will consider adding one (or more) of these plants to your garden. They may become your new pet perennials, too! Talk to any of us at Mill Hollow Nursery about your garden needs and we'll help you select the right plants for your garden space.

ECHINACEA ‘CHEYENNE SPIRIT’ - This remains one of my favorite perennials. The first of its kind, this Coneflower has a vibrant color range in rich shades of orange, scarlet, rosy-red, purple, cream, tomato-red and golden yellow. When all the other coneflowers were shriveling up and dying back, this one kept on looking green and continued to flower very late into the fall. As an added bonus, this maintenance-free coneflower doesn't even need deadheading to provide summer long beauty. Deer resistant and attractive to butterflies. Excellent for cutting. Drought tolerant. A must-have for your garden! I know, I will be planting more.
GERANIUM 'ROZANNE' - Geranium ‘Rozanne’ is truly an amazing perennial. One of my all-time favorite perennials, earning a place on this “Perennial Picks” list for 9 years now. It’s huge, violet blue flowers keep blooming from late spring into late-fall. One vigorous plant will cover a 2-3 sq. foot area or can be cut back after the first bloom to keep it more compact. It requires no regular maintenance, is very heat tolerant and is deer resistant. It is not picky about soil type, has no serious disease or insect problems, and can be used in the garden or in a container. It prefers full sun but can tolerate part shade. A truly great plant!
ACHILLEA ‘LITTLE MOONSHINE’ - Those who garden in the sun are in luck, because they have just come out with a smaller version of my favorite yarrow. It’s ‘Little Moonshine’, a petite bundle of sunny yellow. I am excited to use this as a border in my teardrop garden. I love yarrow, but some varieties can flop and look unkempt. The larger version of ‘Moonshine’ stands tall and erect so I’m certain the smaller version of this plant promises to hold its tidy shape, too. Blooms from May through September and the best part is its deer resistant!
ASCLEPIAS INCARNATA, MILKWEED – One of the most beautiful of native perennials with clusters of upturned pink flowers in June and July. Attracts butterflies of all kinds. Willow-like leaves are 4-5" long. Their flowers are excellent nectar sources, and the plants are important hosts for the larval stage of the Monarch butterfly. Use Asclepias in pollinator gardens, sunny borders, and meadows. Milkweed grows best planted in full sun with moisture.
ANEMONE ‘RUFFLED SWAN’ - I love anemones and have only known them to be fall bloomers that require sun. Easy to grow, ‘Ruffled Swan’ shows off its spectacular flowers on stems 32” tall with nodding flowers of icy white with violet blue undersides. ‘Ruffled Swan’ Anemone is superb for mass plantings in shady woodlands or part shade areas. Does not want full afternoon sun, but can take part-sun. Flowers are excellent cut and the plant is deer resistant! A win-win combination!
AGASTACHE ‘KUDOS AMBROSIA’ and ‘KUDOS MANDARIN’ - Simply the best! Amazingly free flowering and easy to grow. The Kudos series has an impeccable habit and long lasting, glowing color. Warm colored plumes are dense with a sweet honey-mint scent. A real standout in mixed containers, or as a border plant. These perennials start blooming in late May and continue through the entire summer and fall season. These plants also attract honeybees, butterflies, and hummingbirds in the neighborhood. Deer, slugs, and other nibblers leave this aromatic plant alone.